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How to Set Up Offers

IAP and Virtual Good Offers

Offers are interstitial messages that promote virtual goods and IAPs in your app. These offers can be targeted like any other ad and can also be time limited.

Offer screenshot 1.png

Your App Economy

Before you set up offers in the Fuse dashboard, the virtual goods and IAPs of your app need to be defined.

Defining Virtual Content

Virtual content can include in game currency like gems or coins, or virtual goods like characters or abilities.

To start defining the content in your app, head to the configure page and click the “ASSETS” tab.

The first priority is setting up the types of items and currencies in your app. Click “ITEMS AND CURRENCIES”, then “ADD ITEM/CURRENCY”. Type your currency/item name in the box below and click save. You can edit these names once they have been created by clicking the “EDIT” button on the right of the list. Once you have set up all currencies/items, it’s time to move on to game content.

Click the “VIRTUAL GOODS”, then “ADD ASSETS”. Add the name and details of the game content. You need to establish the value of each in game item, so that when you create virtual good offers the dashboard will have the initial values to work with.

Set Up Offers - 5.png

Defining IAPs

To populate the IAP drop down used when setting up an IAP offer, you must track the apps IAP list. This is pulled in as a part of tracking IAPs in your app for segments. Head here for a guide on tracking IAPs specific to each platform. How to Set Up IAP Tracking

Uploading Offer Creative

The offer creative is what will be displayed when you call for an offer in your app. It is a static interstitial image.

To add your offer creatives, head to the configuration page. Click “ASSETS”, then “CREATIVE ASSETS”, and then “ADD CREATIVE ASSET BUNDLE”.

Here you can name the creative and assign it a language. Create an entry for a language to target devices that are set to that language. For example, if you create an entry for Japanese, any device that is set to Japanese will receive it. If an English entry exists all devices will receive English content, unless the device language matches another entry.

Next, upload your ad creative. The size specifications are 1920px by 1080px for landscape, 1080px by 1920px for portrait. Images must be less than 2mb.

You now have the opportunity to customize the dynamic text that can be overlaid on your creative when it is displayed. These messages can be independently enabled and disabled for every target.

Set Up Offers - 4.png

Save your creative and you can now use it when creating an offer.

Creating an IAP or Virtual Good Offer

To build your offer, choose a zone you want the offer to appear in and select it. You will be taken to the zone content page. Click the “ADD CONTENT” button on the right. Here you will be presented with content block options. Choose the relevant radio button, then you will be asked to choose the offer type (discount, bonus, or standard). Once you a have set these options, they cannot be changed. Now you can name the offer and select the IAP or virtual good it will apply to, then save.

Set Up Offers - 3.png

You will need to create a target (or targets) for your offer. Start by defining a segment of users that you would like the offer to be shown to. This can be unique to the target or be imported from a list of segments you created earlier.

Now that you have set up the segment of users, customize the details of your offer by choosing how much the price will drop or how much bonus you will give. Then you can set the start date, end date, and time zone that the offer will run in. Check “Same local time everywhere” for the offer to start running at the specified time in each time zone around the world. You can also select “No expiry” instead of an end date.

Next, choose the asset bundle you would like to use. Make sure that the language of the bundle you select doesn’t conflict with the segment of users you chose. You can toggle the dynamic text on and off here as well. Note that you will need to save the target for the preview to be updated.

Set Up Offers - 2.png

Setting the caps for your offer determines how many times a user will see it. Leaving the space blank is uncapped. Now you can enable and save your target. Note that you can go back and edit this target at any time.