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Custom Experience

Custom App Experiences


Custom experiences use app parameters to deliver unique game variables to players depending on what segment they're in. To use custom experiences you must integrate App Parameters!

Custom App Experiences allow you make changes to your app without the need for iterative, time consuming updates. It also allows you to target these changes at existing segments for an optimized player experience.

Create a New Experience

To create a Custom Experience, from your game's home page on the Fuse dashboard, click on the "Get Started" button in the Custom Experience widget (bottom right side of the page). (if you don't see the Custom Experience widget, please contact your account manager or email us at support@fusepowered.com). Click the "Add/Edit" tab and complete the form.

Custom experience.png

Input a name for the experience and a description. Next, select the segments that are to receive this custom experience (you can select one, many, all segments). Choose the app parameters that you wish to change for the experience (if you have a custom experience already set up you can load the Key-Value pairs from that experience, or from the standard experience), and enter the new values. Any app parameters that are not selected for this experience are still available for the players in the segment(s) you chose, but will receive the standard (default) value for those parameters. Click "Save" to complete the process. Any players who start their next game session will start to receive the new parameters. Note that before a new experience is available live there is an initial 15 minute delay while the caching servers are updated.

Set Experience Priorities

Navigate to the "All Experiences" tab where your experiences will be listed in the table. Because players can be in multiple segments at the same time, it is possible that they qualify for more than one experience. You can move the experiences up or down in priority level to make sure players are going into the experience you want. For example, if you are targeting players in the United States in one segment and specifying United States players who are at level 5 in another, and have created separate experiences for each, there will be some players at level 5 who qualify for both. In this case the experience for the segment of US players at level 5 would be top priority. If a US-based player didn't qualify for that one, they will qualify for the next available experience.


The table listing your experiences on the "All Experiences" tab will show you basic metrics for each experience that include number of users in the experience, retention stats, IAP stats, etc.. This data is for the previous day! Experience data is rolled up daily (12am-11:59PM PST).

Navigate to the "By Time" tab to generate a report for a single experience over a given time period.

Navigate to the "Compare" tab to see how experiences compare with each other. Two or more experiences can be selected at the same time.

Deleting Experiences

Once the Custom Experience no longer serves a purpose you can delete it from the All Experiences tab. Keep in mind that once the experience is deleted you will no longer have access to a report for that data. You can export a complete report from the "By Time" tab prior to deleting the experience. When an experience is deleted, players will receive either the standard app parameter values, or will become members of the highest priority experience that they qualify for.