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What to Expect From Mediated Ads

What to Expect From Mediated Ads


There are many differences between each mediated ad network, and as a result there are some limitations on how we can report consistent data from each network.

For example, it’s not possible to report ad revenue on a per-zone basis, because mediated ad networks do not offer reporting by zone. Ad networks that are mediated also do not report revenue on a per-user basis, and so while we can track impression data against users, we are unable to report revenue (applies to the Fuse segmentation system).

We’re also limited in the frequency of reported data, for example hourly reporting is unavailable, because the API’s of our ad network partners report daily data only. Some ad networks report this data sooner than others, and so we wait until all the data comes in before updating your dashboard view. Generally your dashboard will be updated by every day by 1pm PST with yesterday’s data, although sometimes the updates are processed even sooner.

How AdRally Fits In

AdRally is a competitive ad marketplace with access to dozens of premium ad networks and hundreds of demand side partners, all in one SDK.

AdRally serves full-screen interstitial ads, including video (rewarded and non-rewarded), rich media and static image ads. Our servers deliver a custom-built waterfall of networks, sorted by highest paying first, for every individual user based on that user’s key metrics for maximum performance.

There’s no need for you to set up accounts for any of the networks within AdRally, we do that for you. We will also collect all the revenues from these networks, and pay you the revenue that you’ve earned in one seamless process. AdRally is enabled by default when you request live ads, making it the easiest way ever to take advantage of a fully managed ad solution.


For instructions on how to properly setup mediated ad networks in your apps, please visit the applicable wiki pages:

SDK Integration:
Adobe AIR