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Rewarded Video Verification

Rewarded Video Server Verification

Fuse offers a secure server-to-server connection that can be used to send the reward information and the player ID to a publisher's server once the video has been completed on the device. The completion event is securely transmitted from the device to Fuse. In addition, the reward is issued completely outside of the game itself. Therefore, it completely eliminates the ability to trick the game into giving the reward.

The AdRally rewarded video verification system works with ALL rewarded video ad networks that are included in AdRally. This, combined with Fuse's custom player ID feature, which allows the publisher's own player ID to be tracked as opposed to a more generic ID, makes the AdRally rewarded video verification service among the best in the business.

Learn more about AdRally rewarded video here: https://www.fusepowered.com/rewarded-video/

Dashboard Set Up

In the Fuse dashboard, select the app you would like to set up server verification for. Click the “Configuration” button in the top right corner of the app’s info section.

Configure Button 1.png

Click the “Ad Settings” tab, then the “Reward Verification” sub-tab.

Rewarded Verification Tab 1.png

Enable server verification, and add your preferred callback URL. When entering the URL, be sure to use “https://”.

Information for Server Configuration

Please be aware that we expect an acknowledgement for our request (an HTTP response where status is 200). If we do not receive a response, we’ll continue to retry for up to 48 hours.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the unique reward number that is passed in the request. This can prevent duplicate rewards from being granted in the event that we pass you multiple requests that you may have already successfully received and processed, but for which we have not received an acknowledgement for.

Parameters to Expect

The following parameters are supported for the server-to-server request:

  • appid : your Fuse App ID
  • device_id : IDFA or Google AID [DEPRECATED]
  • idfa : IDFA of the user's device
  • idfv : IDFV of the user's device
  • google_aid : Google AID of the user's device
  • account_id: the ID of the user (Tracked from the client via setRewardedVideoUserID API call. We return "null" if not found.)
  • reward_item_id : ID of the rewarded item (as found in the "Items and Currencies" table)
  • reward_item_name: The name of the rewarded item (as found in the "Items and Currencies" table)
  • reward_item_amount : The amount of the reward
  • reward_number : A unique number for the reward

These parameters are automatically built into the POST body that is delivered to the end-point that you specify.

All requests will be POST, and must be accepted over HTTPS.

Optional - Custom Account ID

You are not required to register a user’s ID with Fuse for the reward to be registered, but if you would prefer to match user’s using your own custom ID you can register the ID in the Fuse system using the following API call in your app:

+ setRewardedVideoUserID(NSString *userID)

This ID will be sent in the verification request for the param “account_id”. Send this off as soon as the information is available in a session, or at any point where a user’s ID may change.