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How to Monetize All Users

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How to monetize all users

The Fuse dashboard offers publishers total control over how and when they monetize their users. Using both ads and targeted IAP offers, it is possible to start earning revenue from 100% of your users.


There are two types of ads that publishers can offer to their users: non-rewarded and rewarded. AdRally, a competitive ad marketplace with access to dozens of premium ad networks and hundreds of demand side partners, offers both types. Typically non-rewarded ads will include static (image based) and video content, while rewarded ads are video only. Fuse offers real-time dashboard tools used to control where, when, and to whom the ad is served.


If your app has an economy that supports in-app purchases and virtual goods, Fuse provides tools to create dynamic offers as a way to encourage initial conversions and increase overall spending. In order to maximize your revenues and ensure a vibrant in-game economy, you must put your IAPs and virtual goods on display for your users. Using Fuse, you can contextualize the offers so that the right one shows up for the right user at the right time.

By leveraging the segmentation capabilities and offer content types found in the Fuse dashboard, you can effectively monetize your entire user base.