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How to Test Fuse in Your Apps

How to Test Fuse in Your Apps

Adding a Test Device

Tagging the devices you are using in development as test devices will allow you to sort them in our segmentation system. By doing this you can test features that involve targeting and continue testing even after the app has gone live.

To set up your tablet or phone as a test device, first start a Fuse session on it. This allows Fuse to create a unique user ID for the device. Then log into the Fuse dashboard and hover over your name in the top right corner. Click “Test Devices” in the dropdown menu that appears. On the page that you are directed to, pick your platform and enter the required device ID info (IDFA on iOS, MAC or Google AID on Android). Click add and the device will be marked in the system.

If you would like to remove the test device designation at any time, simply click the delete button to the right of the device ID.

Seeing Test Device Data in the Dashboard


When registering in-app purchases, especially when testing IAP offers, make sure to use a US based iTunes account. Our system uses USD prices by default.

To see your test device’s data in the Fuse dashboard, head to the segments page. Create a new segment specifically for test users.

Testing Fuse-1.png

This segment will allow you to confirm the functionality of IAP, level, and currency tracking. The data is updated in realtime. Simply refresh the segment by clicking the blue arrows on the right.

Testing Fuse Features

Once you have set up a segment for your test devices, you can easily test Fuse features targeting only those devices.

Push Notifications

To run a test push notification, simply select your “Test Users” segment on the push notification configuration page. The notification will still be affected by any changes you make to language or country, so be sure to select options that include your test devices.

Testing Fuse-2.png


To test ads and offers in your zones, you can also use the “Test Users” segment. Create a target in the content block you would like to test. After naming the target, select the “Test Users” segment from the drop down. You can then modify the criteria for this target if required. This will not change the original segment.

Testing Fuse-3.png

Once you have set up your criteria, set up the parameters you would like to test and click save. The content will then be delivered to the specified users. This is especially useful when testing new features in a live environment.