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How Fuse Reports Your IAP Revenue

How Fuse reports your IAP revenue

There are two sources of revenue that are reported on in the Fuse dashboard: store reports, and in-app purchase tracking via the Fuse SDK.

Store Reports

Parsing app store reports, accessed via iTunes Connect and Google Play, is the most accurate representation of your revenue, as these statements reflect exactly what each platform will pay you. Simply enter your store credentials in the Fuse dashboard and our scripts will take care of the rest. A benefit of store reports is that the revenue data is aggregated by time, which makes it easy to analyze them over different time periods.

IAP Tracking

The registration of in-app purchases in the app is done in real-time, and can be revealed in the dashboard just as quickly. This is an advantage versus store reports which are always at least a day behind. Also, Apple and Google reports are not on a per user basis, which means only tracking via the Fuse SDK can enable the segmentation of users on the purchases they make and other spending behaviors. IAP tracking in your app makes it easy to know what purchases happened when, by whom, and for how much, including non-verified (illegal) ones.


There will always be a discrepancy between the revenue reported from store reports and the revenue tracked in the app. The two major factors that contribute to discrepancies are in-app purchase returns and currency conversion rates.

Unfortunately it is impossible for the Fuse system to correlate a returned in-app purchase to a user. Apple and Google do not report on a per-user basis, and because returns are not processed within the app itself. Look to your store reports for the revenue that you would expect to be paid, and look to the Fuse dashboard to identify the spending trends for your users in real-time.

Fuse will endeavor to convert foreign currencies to US dollars for reporting in the dashboard, although subtle changes to rates are inevitable, creating reporting discrepancies.